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Kyrgyzstan: The 2016 ICT Sector Overview

The current report aims to provide an overview of key regulatory, legal, industry and information security aspects affecting the state of ICT sector development in the Kyrgyz Republic as of 2016. Of particular interest to telecom operators, ISPs, government and corporate analysts the report identifies and describes only the important developments that must be taken into assessment when considering doing business in Kyrgyzstan.

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Overview of the ICT Sector Series

The “Yarovaya Law”: One Year After

In April 2016, the “Yarovaya Law” was introduced in the Russian Parliament. Aiming to increase public safety, it has become one of the most controversial Russian laws of the last decade. This analysis would be of interest to corporate and government experts seeking to gain a deeper understanding of the Russian Federation policy-making processes, priorities and geopolitical implications for the neighbouring countries.

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Information Security Series.

Russian Federation: The Telecommunications Sector. November 2015-February 2016

This Review covers all regulatory changes in the Telecommunications Sector of the Russian Federation that occurred during November 2015 – February 2016. It includes Federal Laws, Presidential and Ministerial Decrees, Orders and other legislative acts and explains their impact on the Telecommunications industry. This report would be of interest to regulatory, legal, compliance and policy experts seeking to stay abreast of the important legislative developments that affect their operations.

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Quarterly Review of Regulatory Changes.